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♥ ain't as white as snow ♥

It ain't easy living as me. Well, I guess it's just ain't easy to be a human being. First, you got to live a life.Yet,before you get to live it you have to own it. Then, when you own it, you have to be who you are.But even before you could do that,you hafta figure out who you are.

After all, living does makes sense..

♥ just my thang ♥

Writing is very much cathartic. I write about a lot of things. I doodle and write whatever I want and whatever it is that would cross my mind.

Books are a part of my life. I love reading classical stories or fiction novels. I wouldn't say no to autobiographies either. I'm a sucker for quotes, lovely phrases and proverbs.

I'm a CERTIFIED fangirl. I love rock bands and a few pop artists. I research things about them and listen to their music. I easily fall for a group who writes their own songs. The lyrics,melody,rhythm and arrangement are important things to me. I consider these things before I could say that I like the song or that it's one of my favorite songs.

I'd have to say thank you to these people for making my journal so fab!
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♥ biased ♥

RocknBang: L'Arc en Ciel ELLEGARDEN GACKT Paramore Eraserheads Parokya ni Edgar VAMPS Asian Kung Fu Generation Miyavi Mr. Children

JE addicted: KAT-TUN Arashi Koyama Keichiro Shigeaki Kato Takahisa Masuda Takuya Kimura Masahiro Nakai Ikuta Toma

JYP fanatic: BIGBANG 2NE1

SM supporter: Tohoshinki Eunhyuk Yesung

J/KPop-er: Namie Amuro YUI Fei(Miss A) Anna Tsuchiya Nishino Kana

A Couch Potato: J/K/TWdramas J/Kmovies Hollywood Bollywood The Vampire Diaries Gossip Girl Fringe

Anime/Manga lover: One Piece NANA Skip Beat Naruto Kimi ni Todoke Bokura Ga Ita Beelzebub Rurounin Kenshin

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