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30 January 2015 @ 08:36 pm
I'm Belle and this is my journal. My virtual bedroom in cyberspace. This is far more personal compared to the other blogs I maintain so please don't expect me to hold my tongue, I mean my fingers, as I type what and how I truly feel. Of course I'll keep proper manners and decorum as much as possible. lol.

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new friends are always welcome ^-^ 
It certainly feels great that I'm adding a worthy person in my Friends List and not just a spammer..much more an anon troll. ;)
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There you go,lovelies. Thanks for dropping by! =)

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25 March 2012 @ 07:11 pm
I found a new stress reliever. yes, i'm thankful that i found it.

Sharing the results of my new found stress reliever:

clicky here~!Collapse )
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11 February 2012 @ 01:24 am

  So,the time is finally here huh?..When everyone else's gonna gather in that spot..when amongst the crowd five beautiful and talented men would stand out..when the unwavering hopes of Hyphens gets strengthened..when the nights of wishing to see them up on stage live finally turns into a reality..when the day of finally owning it to yourselves that KAT-TUN is for real..when all the waiting finally ends..

  To everyone who's going,whichever concert ground that may be, I wish for your safety. Specially this February,t's winter and it's cold. I wish you'll make even funner memories with the boys and fellow fans. I wish everything will turn out great. And, I wish you won't get lost and turn up late.
  To KAT-TUN, please please please be extra careful. I don't want another Ueda-toe-incident or a Kame-fall-incident. Just enjoy each and every passing moment at its fullest. :)

  To us who can't go, let's wait for fanreports, fancams and whatever goodies fangirls who went there have to to offer. =) Let's wish them all the best. It'll be our turn soon! ^--^  

        10 Day KAT-TUN Chain Concert Challenge Masterlist
status: successful! >___<
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10 February 2012 @ 11:13 pm
*** 10 ~ Your fave Nakamaru Yuichi solo ***

Am I actually rushing this post?..When it's about my bias? DDD: Mianhe, Nakamaru-shi~~ 

Nakamaru is lovable for a lot of reasons. I don't think it'd be fair to list all of those here as that would be..well..pretty much biased.lol. On top of those reasons would be his obvious effort to be good at the things he does. He seriously gives his best and I can see that on  TV. The mere fact that he's standing there, as an artist, as an MC, as a newscaster and etc. shows the extent to which he'd love to do his craft to the best of his capabilities. The members themselves have said how shy he is off screen--and to think he's a good host! so.. *applause* an idol and a student in one

I think Maru's song revolves in one particular genre of music. I can't actually distinguish what it is,but the melody or rhythm of the song is almost always similar. I have nothing against that. Maybe that's just his trademark. And,maybe he'll prove me otherwise with his upcoming solo for Chain. In any case, my favorite Maru solo would be Answer

Answer isn't something I often listen to. My itunes shuffle doesn't seem to favor it.lol. It's really soothing..relaxing. It could actually make me think of the beach or water or sunny-breezy days. :)) I also like it's lyrics. It's the kind of song that I'd love to listen to after a few hours' worth of doing my best at something i'd rather not do if I had a choice aka studying. lol. 
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09 February 2012 @ 07:40 pm
*** 09 ~ Your fave Ueda Tatsuya solo ***

His profile revealed that he is into rock music in his early days of being an idol. I don't know if he still is,now. Well, I'm a rock fan here so *nods*. Nonetheless, so far as the direction his solo songs are going, he had crossed boundaries between heavy guitar riffs to mellow piano notes and to the genres I am not aware of. That's lovely  and I totally support him in his wishes to explore other musical genres(No More Pain Making)

This man has made music beautifully just as much as he had donned hairstyle after hairstyle prettily. Again, I am troubled with which song to choose. If it's Ueda Tatsuya we're talking about,I'd definitely think of the two songs. I guess I can't just choose one, but to be fair, I'll be writing about the one that's closest to my heart. 

花の舞う街 (Hana no Mau Machi) is sweet,beautiful,soft and special. It is closest to my heart for a lot of personal reasons and no other KAT-TUN song would replace it..ever.. ;p Break the Records concert was the first KAT-TUN concert I saw. During the whole hour or two, Ueda caught my attention and yes, I was looking forward to seeing him on the screen. To be honest, for the first performance, I was really,really interested in knowing him more. I really thought he was the leader of the group and Kame was the front man. That was because, those hip rolls were wild and kinda like that of a rock star who could-care-less-about-what-was-going-on-around-him. I know some fans would credit Kame for his hip rolls, but to me, it'd forever be--my rival to Nakamaru's heart--Ueda Tatsuya.

I just wish I'd hear the members call him Tatsu or Tatsuya often on TV. It is a pretty name and I like it. Although, I have to say I have nothing against Uepomu. ^__~
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Originally posted by juweel at [it's true y'all] JIN IS GOING TO MARRY MEISA KUROKI, SHE'S PREGNANT TOO
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Today’s issue of the Sports Nippon newspaper (February 9) reports that former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin (27) and actress Kuroki Meisa (23) are planning to get married. The newspaper further claims that Akanishi and Kuroki have informed their agencies that Kuroki is in her second month of pregnancy.

More details will be released soon. Confirmation of the news is still pending.



thank you lady_mercury for the video!

~ ~ ~

*CRYING* :((( not because I'm sad..more like,i'm surprised!! got tons to say but will hold my tongue and will wait for the confirmation from Jin himself. 
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08 February 2012 @ 08:49 pm
*** 08 ~ Your fave Tanaka Koki solo ***

It's one big Hyphen fact how Koki is so good at fan service. I love him paired with Junno and Kame. I find it cute when he pairs himself with Ueda in his manuals. lol. It's also another big fact that Koki has sort of assigned himself with the ero and that some(most?) of his solos revolve around that setting. :D Didn't he make us one of his many.. concubines? Forgive me,Maru... </3 Tell me you don't like that one fact..come on.. @.@ One important fact stands out among those though, Koki named us Hyphens. <3 <3 <3 <3 

Truth be told, I love all solo songs of our resident JOKER. Had the whole day to reflect on my choice.. *drumroll* I like Make U Wet..more..i guess. *uwah,fails* There's just something with that song. And, I can't quite figure out what that something is. All I know is that song is HAAAWWWT. Also, it has a groovy feeling. Intoxicating and wild. It's a sexy song and the performance was..smexy. I still find it odd, though, that I ended up choosing this song against I Don't Miss U which is rock-ish.

Okay.I should stop now or else I'll be suffering from blood loss. I tend to play the song,on loop, in my mind when I'm writing about it. So.. *faints*

P.S. I'd love to include a video,but,as in most cases,I found none. :)

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